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North Texas Veneer Stone Commercial Architectural Stone Installation
With over 20 years of experience installing architectural veneer stone products, NTVS can provide installation service for large scale commercial projects and at the same time providing quality stone workmanship.

If you take the time to look, a lot of the larger commercial projects lack the detail of having both the rustic and elegant look stone can and should have if installed properly. In the industry we refer to this lack of detail as "slapping it in".


NTVS installation crews are trained to take the necessary time to fit stones properly to achieve that rustic yet elegant look. A "slap it in" company will not take the time or make the necessary cuts and they will elect to spread the stones wider apart to make them fit, or add small golf ball sized pieces to plug those spaces created, giving it an overall sloppy appearance.

Our stone veneer installation process...
1. Moisture Barrier
  Tyvek installed to prevent moisture from forming between the stone scratchcoat and sheathing. Flash tape installed to seal windows and doors. Flexwrap (self adhering) installed to seal windows and doors.
2. Fastening Lath and Scratchcoat
  Wire lath is fastened over the moisture barrier and a 3/8 inch coating of cement is applied to the lath and scratched to create a masonry surface for the stone to adhere.
3. Veneer Stone Installation
  Cement is applied to the stone and adhered to the scratchcoated surface.
Grouting joints (if required) and brushed clean.

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